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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the mstdn.games moderators.

  1. Be yourself. Be genuine. Make connections. Have fun. We welcome you to post about topics outside of gaming as well!
  2. We have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia/transmisia, misgendering/dead naming, xenophobia, ableism, etc) or illegal activity of any kind.
  3. Be respectful to others. No harassment or trolling is allowed. No sexually explicit or violent posts. No personal attacks of any kind (bullying, trolling, name-calling, etc) or spreading of disinformation.
  4. Users are expected to behave as a person and not a brand or storefront. Self-promotion is allowed and encouraged (ex. going live posts, links to personal content creation), but please do not spam the Local feed or send direct messages to advertise. Paid advertising/links of any kind is not allowed.
  5. Use 'Content Warnings' (CWs) on your posts with respect for your fellow users (i.e. politics, graphic imagery, spoilers, personal topics, etc). In addition, NSFW posts require a Content Warning (CW) AND a Sensitive Media tag. Please add Alt Text descriptions to images and media where appropriate.
  6. Crossposting using a 3rd party app is OK: Those posts MUST be posted as Unlisted or Followers-only and cannot be listed as Public. Accounts here are expected to be created with the intention of interacting with the community directly. Accounts that appear to be bots will be suspended.
  7. No promotion or discussion of Cryptocurrency, NFTs, or multi-level marketing schemes is allowed.
  8. IMPORTANT: By applying, you agree to the server rules. **PLEASE GIVE A GENUINE REASON why you would like to join.** Applications with short generic answers (i.e. “I like games” or “leaving Twitter”) will be declined. *We are an English-speaking server* Thanks!